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Almost every pet owner can tell you that, although all pets are precious, every once in a while a really special furry friend shows up in your life. A friend with extra personality, who is full of vitality and who is especially affectionate. Boo Boo is one of those rare cats. He goes out every day and has wonderful kitty adventures (which you can read about on this website), then comes home at the end of the day to curl up in your lap or sit next to you on the sofa and groom your eyebrows for you. He is a very special little guy and this is his story.

Boo Boo came to live with us six years ago because our elderly dog needed a friend to keep her company. He was a wonderful friend for her and he turned out to be a wonderful friend for us as well. He is an amazing character: adventuresome, curious, funny and endlessly endearing. We love him as unconditionally as he loves us.

Sadly, on Nov 12, 2011, he was diagnosed with cancer. After a brief battle with the disease, he passed away on Nov 30, 2011.